Misleading Headline Today: Herbal Remedies Can Cause Cardiac Problems

This article in U.S. News & World Report is intended to scare people away from herbs. It does not recognize that at least herbs are natural and have less toxicity problems than chemicals which ALWAYS have a long list of Adverse Reactions in the Physician’s Desk Reference that most MD’s don’t have time to look at.

As a retired MD, I’m just being honest, and I can tell you medical literature supports Rx drugs as a LEADING cause of illness, disability and death, but you would never guess it from the evening news sponsored by big pharma.

When people die suddenly, it is usually blamed on the heart, but if they were taking multiple drugs, it is often the case that it is a “Vioxx” type of reaction, and no blockage of a coronary artery would be found on autopsy. Autopsies aren’t done these days–what doctor wants to discover that his Rx killed the patient. It’s easier just to sign the death certificate as died of a heart attack…

For helpful low-cost materials, I recommend http://takecareofyourself.netfirms.com/

Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH
Board-certified in Internal Medicine
Assist. Prof. Health Science, Loma Linda Univ, 1974-78.

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