Pfizer’s cancer drug kills patients

This is from Wm Campbell Douglass’ Newsletter:

If you think approved drugs are bad, you should see the junk that never makes it to the pharmacy.

In the latest outrage, Pfizer was forced to cut short a clinical trial on a lung cancer drug called figitumumab. Officially, it’s because they decided the med wouldn’t improve survival among lung cancer patients.

Unofficially, it’s because the test patients were dropping like flies.

Seems like a good reason to ditch this experimental drug and start from square one. But not Pfizer! Despite the disastrous results of the lung cancer trial, Pfizer is continuing to test this drug on patients with breast and prostate cancer.

I wonder if their blatant disregard for the lives of their test subjects has anything to do with this little tidbit I read in The Wall Street Journal: Analysts estimate that if the drug is approved, it could bring in $1 billion in sales by 2015.

Pfizer has one billion reasons to press on with their dangerous experiments — so who cares if a handful of people die in the process?

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