FDA Concerned about Pastic Food Containers

Recent medical literature suggests a concern for bisphenol A, or BPA, a widely used component of plastic bottles, plastic containers and liners to many canned foods.

The concern is about the effects on brain and behavior of infants and children” and even the prostate gland for problems later in life. For a video and

Consumer Reports tested 19 name brand canned foods, (Dec, 2009) including:

  • Soups, Juices, Tuna and Green beans

Nearly all of the tested canned foods were contaminated with BPA, including organic canned foods and some cans labeled “BPA-free.”

According to their estimates, just a couple of servings of canned food can exceed the daily safety limits for BPA exposure in children.

Even low-level exposure to BPA can be hazardous to your health — the evidence has been accumulating for more than 10 years. There are more than 100 independent studies linking the chemical to serious health problems in humans, including:

This information comes from Dr. Mercola who offers 10 Tips to Help You Minimize Your BPA Exposure

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