Obamacare: “Affordable Healthcare Act”?

    #1. The IRS estimates the cost for the average family will be $20,000 per year. (Lying politicians?)
    #2. It’s not healthcare; it’s medical care–a leading cause of death! Leading Cause of Death Prescription Drugs
    #3. It will come with a National ID Card that has your banking and personal information on it. Shades of Revelation 13:15-17 when they have your number…
    #4. The fact that they want to force it on everyone is a red flag and a sign to run. Matthew 24:15,16 refers to military force or martial law and uses the word “Flee.” Sadly most Americans are ill-prepared to obey Christ as trouble thickens around us.
    For a more complete discussion of healthcare, medical care and Obamacare, visit http://RichardRuhling.com and get the ebook, Apocalypse 2013, great information for just $2.99

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