Caffeine? Worse than you think!

Coffee Bad for Health

Coffee Bad for Health

Sorry for AARP’s touting benefits for coffee. The risks and problems far outweigh benefits. Their article at at least included my comment–

CAFFEINE IS BAD for nerves (causes millions of Rx’s for tranquilizers), sleep (millions of Rx’s for sleep also), causes fibrocystic disease of the breast (most common reason for breast surgery to biopsy it), heart irregularity (not allowed in coronary care unit), hyperacidity and the need for antacids, purple pills, linked to cancer of the pancreas in a New England Journal of Medicine study of 1000+ cases 30 years ago, cancer of the bladder, cleft palate, hare lip, osteoporosis, bladder infections. The Russian scientist, Pavlov called it “Bad Habit Glue” (or we would never make it up in the morning. Drug companies LOVE caffeine because it creates a need for so many of their products and now we have Obamacare that is going to bless those drug companies with easy profits. You can be sure some drug company or coffee company was behind this article. Oh, I forgot headaches as a very common problem but people don’t want to quit their caffeine for fear of the withdrawal headache. Bite the bullet, take a Tylenol if you have to, but get away from all drugs.

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