French professor Gilles-Eric Seralini gives a press conference Thursday at EU headquarters in Brussels to denounce the removal by the Food and Chemical Toxicology review of his study published in September 2012 on the effects of genetically-modified maize fed to rats.

If you do deeper research you’ll see a lot of the people and groups discrediting this study are backed, in fact, by the GMO lobby including Monsanto. Take for instance the following statement and link:

“This paper as it is now presents poor quality science and dubious ethics,” two biosafety experts wrote.

The two biosafety experts quoted, Lúcia de Souza and Leila Macedo Oda, are both from the National Biosafety Association of Brazil, which is “According to ANBio’s website in 2001 it was funded by the big genetically modified (GM) crop companies” –

Don’t believe the discrediting of GM studies. They are proving to be quite unsafe and there is a lot riding ($$$$$$) on keeping the public unaware. This was a comment to the article, click here for more

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