Don’t Do Drugs, Tobacco or Alcohol. Five Days to Freedom Cuts Your Risk of Disease & Early Death

Tobacco Costs Money, Health, Happiness, Life

Tobacco Costs Money, Health, Happiness, Life

Smoking causes ~100,000 U.S. deaths from cancer and emphysema yearly. Its share of deaths from heart disease has exceeded 300,000. Nicotine constricts blood vessels and decreases the oxygen supply to the whole body. This can trigger heart attack and sudden death–the risk is more than doubled for those smoking a pack a day.

Young men, suddenly killed in motorcycle accidents or other injuries were autopsied and all of those who smoked were found to have changes in the small airways, “rarely seen in nonsmokers.” Physicians “postulate this…is a precursor of centriacinar emphysema.” Emphysema is not usually diagnosed before 50 or 60. To have young men, average age 26, with changes that will lead to emphysema suggests that smoking is lethal in nature and time pulls the trigger. The probability of these findings being chance is 0.0002. New England Journal of Medicine, Vol 291, 1.

An alcoholic priest who killed someone while driving said, “We hear a lot about the evils of smoking, but tobacco is merely a pimple on the rear end of a giant, ALCOHOL.”

Alcohol is responsible for half of accident fatalities, half of murders, 1/3 of suicides, half of robberies, assaults, rapes, marital violence and child abuse. Half of children reared by alcoholic parents become alcoholic. Alcohol affects nerves, stomach, liver, pancreas, blood pressure, and causes heart irregularity, birth defects, mental retardation, and spontaneous abortion.

Alcohol has its worst effect on the mind, creating the illusion of unwarranted well-being as it wipes out normal inhibitions in higher centers of judgment, reason and self-control. People like the effect of drugs because, for a while, the results seem agreeable. But as the drug wears off, there is always a let-down that is equal and opposite to the initial effect.

Effects of alcohol, tobacco and caffeine:

1. They will take you where you did not plan to go.
2. They will cost you more than you can afford to pay.
3. Their long term effects on health are irreversible.
Quitting all Addictions at Once!
Aside from antidepressants which are best to taper, it is actually best to quit all addictive medication at the same time. This includes sleeping pills, tranquilizers or pain killers, which are often the most difficult to quit. Users have a heightened sensitivity to pain, and their nerves cry “pain” as a withdrawal symptom when the drug levels diminish in the blood. Drugs reinforce each other, described above re coffee as bad habit glue. It is nearly impossible to quit one of these habits while continuing another one. As a mayor of a small town said, “I’ve quit smoking many times, but this is the easiest I have ever found it.”

You can make up your mind by deciding–choosing to quit–and you can do it with these guidelines. There is no evidence that anyone has ever died trying to quit one of these addictions, but millions have died who were afraid it would kill them. If you are willing to stake three to five days of physical and emotional “hell,” you can be free if you follow this information.

A choice to quit now will improve your health destiny, but it involves withdrawal symptoms ranging from mild to severe for several days. A vacation into nature would be a good time to quit addictions, but if you don’t have time coming soon, don’t put this off indefinitely. There is no convenient time for this. Schedule yourself for a long weekend by taking Friday off–you can be over the worst of it by Monday! Begin on a Thursday evening with a long walk, calm reflective thinking and a relaxing bath that will encourage a better than average night’s sleep.

Facing the Day
In the morning, don’t head for the coffee pot. Go for another walk–you took the day off, remember! Follow it with a warm shower, and finish with cold. Begin by putting the washcloth under the cold and rubbing your face, then use it to rub as you put each body part under the shower.

This will give you a wakeup without coffee and a lift without a letdown later. A brief cold shower has many benefits and it will increase your white blood count and resistance to colds, flu, etc. It also increases your endorphins–you will feel great after the shower!

Breakfast Time
If you usually drink coffee, try one of the cereal coffee’s like Roma or Pero, [not decaffeinated coffee that can trigger a desire for a smoke or the real thing] or switch to hot water with some lemon squeezed in. The hot water is an aid to bowel action and digestion.

The question now is, Do you really need to eat? Fasting is a great aid to will power and going without food for three days could be the best thing you could do. If you must work and face exertion, take some apples or fruit juice along in case you get stressed and need some nourishment. One doctor said eating apples for 3 days helps patients quit smoking. Some have done well with fruit or vegetable juices. If you must eat more, a whole grain cereal or toast and fresh fruit is best. Avoid fried or hard-to-digest foods. Simplicity is a key now.

After Meal Cravings
This is natural time when one wants a smoke and willpower is often diminished because the body’s energy balance switches from brain to stomach. Don’t sit in the chair where you usually light up. Go for a walk – down to the corner or around the block. Breathe deep and slow.

If you ordinarily take a certain route to work and smoke on a certain corner, go a different way. Break your habit patterns and each time tell yourself, I’m doing this because I choose to quit. This will increase your will power. Don’t promise yourself or anyone you are quitting, because if you break over and have one, you say, “Oh, what’s the use?” and are likely to give up.

Instead, tell your friends you are quitting. “Expression deepens impression” and the will to quit. Ask them not to smoke around you, or avoid those who smoke for a few days. In the face of cravings or symptoms, here is what to do:

The Basic Plan
1. Repeat your choice: “I choose to quit alcohol, tobacco, coffee, colas, tea or Valium.”
2. Inhale as deep as you can and exhale 105%, do this slowly 5-10 times.
3. Drink a glass of water. Use bottled water or add fruit juice if chlorine tastes bad.
Water cleanses the drug breakdown products from your system and purifies the blood.
4. You can do all the above on a short walk. It may be to the restroom, or a drinking fountain. Outdoors is best. Walk briskly, breathe deeply, repeat your choice to quit.
5. Pray: You might say, “God, I’m not sure you exist, but if you do, I want to do right by this body You gave me. Please help me.” When we pray in harmony with His will, He hears us. You may not be conscious of a miracle, but you will be sustained in proportion to your looking to Him for help.
6. For migraine headache, immerse your hands, forearms in hot water for 3 minutes, then ice cold water for 1 minute. Alternate 3 times. This helps most vascular headaches. Repeat as needed.
7. Fasting increases your will power and allows the body to eliminate poisons in your system so you get over the withdrawal symptoms faster. Juice fasting is helpful. Fresh fruit or soup may meet the need.
8. After 1-3 days fasting, a simple, non-stimulating diet of fresh fruit and whole grain toast or cereal for breakfast and a large salad with light dressing, vegetables is ok. Avoid heavy foods and excesses that burden the stomach and brain. Fried, greasy or spicey foods and meat can weaken your effort.
9. Modest exercise and a soothing bath in warm [not hot] water is helpful to encourage sleep that can be critical in coping with stress.
10. The faster you get the drug out of your system, the quicker you will be free of withdrawal symptoms. One aid is activated charcoal tablets or capsules often available at health food stores or sometimes pharmacies. Microscopically charcoal has a huge surface area that makes it a powerful adsorber of toxins, poisons and drugs in the system. Charcoal can help to minimize symptoms.

Follow these steps from Thursday evening to Monday morning–stake even your existence on your choice to quit–it will not kill you. The next cigarette or cup of coffee, the next drink or can of coke is the whole habit. Ward off the craving to smoke or drink, much like the urge to go to the bathroom. If you don’t have that one, you are a free person. You will be over the worst of it when you return to work. Be wary of your friends who indulge the addiction you just quit. Tell them you quit and need some space for a week or two to sort things out. Continue to break old habit patterns and form a few new friends. Though most addictions can be broken in five days, it takes several weeks for the non-using habit to gel.

* Quitting bad habits involves a battle for your mind and your focus of attention. You need all the willpower and steadfastness of purpose possible. A quiet time in the morning can be an invaluable aid. Reading a chapter in the Bible or memorizing a verse to recall later can help when things go rough. Try Philippians 4:13.We recommend My favorite book and DVD to help you live without the need of medical care–Best DVD, Book for Self-help for low cost

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